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Tuesday, July 19, 2005 

Government decides that fee-charging ATMs are A-OK!

Just another part of consumer 'choice':

Fee-charging cash machines (ATMs) are aiding rather than hurting consumer choice, the government has said.

The government welcomed the spread of over 20,000 fee-charging ATMs as convenient and not posing a threat to the free-to-use machine network.

Overall, consumers now pay £140m a year to access their own money, the committee's report concluded.

This is mind boggling. I seriously can't believe that any government, let alone a supposed Labour government, new or not, could possibly justify charging people to access their own money. Even worse, these charges affect those on benefits, which are now paid straight into bank accounts. When you're living on £64 a week, having £1.75 taken from it to access it isn't just unacceptable, it should be viewed as theft.

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