Sunday, July 01, 2007 

A recommendation.

If you happen to run an Islamist (or as it happens, a far-right) website, it's probably not a good idea to leech images from websites such as this one, as is currently finding out.

Slight update: Especially if said website is promoting a magazine that's the house organ of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah, the successor organisation to Al-Muhajiroun/al-Ghurabaa. One of the previous issues of the magazine had this as its main subject:

Issue 2 of The Islamist draws attention to a devilish and very devious cult known as Shi’ism.

Its followers believe that cursing the wives and Companions of the Messenger Muhammad (SAW) is an integral part of belief; they claim the Qur’aan has been distorted, and they worship Imaam al-Hussain (RA), Imaam ‘Ali (RA) - who are both free from them - and their religious leaders whom they have taken as lords besides Allah.

Yet, as ludicrous as it may seem, many people continue to associate this heretical group of polytheists with Islam and Muslims.

For this reason, we have found it necessary to accentuate the beliefs of the Shee’ah Raafidah and explain why they are a disbelieving entity (Taa’ifat ush-Shirk) that have nothing to do with Islam.

Perhaps, if you are in receipt of Allah’s Guidance, you will begin to understand why there is so much conflict between “Sunnis” and “Shiites” today and why there can be no unity between Muslims and Shiites.

The Editor

In no way the same sort of argument used by the likes of the Islamic State of Iraq in justifying the slaughter they've unleashed on Shia markets in Iraq, I'm sure you'll agree.

Update: After two days of having goatse on the front page of their blog, the sharp minds behind the Islamist have finally removed the world's most famous gaping anus.

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