Tuesday, November 27, 2007 

Can we have some more sanity, please?

There's very little to add to the account of MB Jefferies on CiF, a colleague of Gillian Gibbons, the woman charged with blasphemously defaming the Prophet by naming a teddy bear Muhammad - or, rather using the name voted upon by the children in her class.

The Scum though can't help but insist on turning this into an issue for Muslims in this country:

THE West is routinely condemned for demonising Muslims.

But it’s hard to sympathise with a faith that demands 40 lashes for calling a teddy bear Mohammed.

Every perceived slight seems punishable by violence or even death.

Until Muslim leaders speak out publicly against such barbarity, East and West will never come to understand one another.

There is no sign in the Sun's report that it bothered to actually contact anyone to ask them for their views. If they had, they would have found that the Muslim Council of Britain for instance has called for her immediate release, even though it could have done so in more forceful terms.

It shouldn't however though even be an issue. Why should British Muslims have to denounce every apparent injustice which takes place in another country under its own individual law system? They weren't for instance called upon to express their horror at the recent Saudi case of a woman sentenced to 200 lashes after she was gang-raped for being in the company of a man, carried out under a similar system of Sharia law, but that was presumably because it didn't involve a British woman in a foreign country, or, if you were being more conspiratorially minded, that it involved the Saudis who we shouldn't upset (The Sun doesn't seem to have ran an article on it). Muslims cannot be held responsible for every transgression committed by those who share their faith, and to demand that they do so only encourages the belief that there is a clash of civilisations or religions, rather than a common sharing of basic humanity, as shown by the children in Gibbons' class now also calling for her to be released.

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