Tuesday, October 02, 2007 

Usmanov-watch: Revealed as yet another grasping, greedy megalomanical oligarch.

Obese freedom-of-speech denying Uzbek oligarch Alisher Usmanov has finally had his true colours fully revealed. Far from investing in Arsenal because he's a fan of the team, as his PR advisers have been furiously spinning since his first purchase of shares, today's Grauniad reports that he first had designs on Liverpool:

Arsenal's second-largest shareholder, Alisher Usmanov, held exploratory talks over a bid for Liverpool before the club was sold to Tom Hicks and George Gillett in a £174m deal.

The then Liverpool chairman, David Moores, received a representative of the Uzbek billionaire alongside the two Americans and the Dubai Investment Capital group at a time when he was courting potential investors. But when it became clear that Moores would sell out entirely Usmanov chose to pursue a "meaningful" but minor stake in Arsenal.

Likely to make Arsenal fans even more suspicious of his motives is what he was advised to do after abandoning any designs on Liverpool:

His advisers recommended purchasing Tottenham Hotspur or Derby County outright...

Quite obvious then that Usmanov doesn't have even the slightest knowledge of Arsenal football club and its history. Nevertheless, he's been talking to the BBC about his future plans for eventually purchasing the club:

"We don't have the capacity today, but this is business and life is changing," he said. "Something that you can't do today, maybe you can do tomorrow."

How very true. One could suggest that life is changing in that Usmanov and his scumbag set of shysters, Schillings, would have once been able to stop any newspaper from printing the allegations that Craig Murray temporarily hosted on his website; now, thanks to the internet, Murray's original post, despite being removed under legal threat from its original place of publication, is still available at a wide variety of places that are incredibly easy to discover. You could also compare it to Usmanov's past: despite being imprisoned for corruption, he's now a billionaire businessman. Those two things are most certainly not connected. Remember that.

Something else can most certainly be discerned from this latest update on Usmanov's past and future dealings and plans though. He's cut from the same cloth as the Glazers: men without the slightest interest in the actual football club, the fans or anything other than how their investment will benefit them. Their only care is how it'll will extend both their own self image and their bank balance, and as last week showed, Arsenal is currently highly profitable. Not content with his dealings with such doyens of the international community as Islom Karimov, world famous for his boiling of opponents to his dictatorship to death, he wishes for his bloated reach to extend worldwide, to further polish his oversized ego to go with his grotesque, outsize body. In short, this man is a complete and utter cunt. Stopping him from gaining control of Arsenal should now be an obligation on all fans.

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