Saturday, November 25, 2006 

Those little Wikipedia monkeys...

For anyone else still smarting from having watched Esther Rantzen's witless appearance on Thursday's Question Time, where she made Denis MacShane look like Noam Chomsky by comparison, someone saw the red mist long enough to edit her Wikipedia entry:

On 23rd November 2006 Rantzen appeared on Question Time, where she abused the memory of World War Two and the Holocaust by attempting to draw a parallel between Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler. She made the ludicrous assertion that in both the Second World War and the Iraq War, the consequences of inaction were likely to have been worse than action, a statement refuted utterly by the carnage that has ensued in Iraq. It has been speculated that the moustache shared by both of the aforementioned men may have caused her the confusion.

She also justified the utterly disproportionate Israel-Hizbullah-Lebanon war, saying the fault lay entirely with Hizbullah, and that
Israel was surrounded by nations that wanted to destroy it. Maybe she should tell that to the 24 civilians who have now died since the war from setting off unexploded cluster bombs. A British man helping an international team clear them also today had to have his leg amputated after stepping on one.

Update: It's since been removed. Boo. Discussion page here.

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