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Friday, October 10, 2008 

Scum-watch: A victim of crime they won't be pretending to feel the pain of.

The Sun is very big on victims of crime. It cares about our broken society so deeply that it organises fringe meetings at the political party conferences, inviting along those who have suffered the most as the result of violence. It could hardly contain its rage earlier this week when a footballer was jailed for only seven years after causing the deaths of two young children whilst drink-driving. Tougher sentences, the abolition of politically correct policing and the bringing back of the death penalty are all options that the paper has pushed over the last year.

How then does it respond when an elderly man is found murdered in remote woodland? By leaving open the comments on the article for its readers to leave their condolences to the victim's relatives:

May he burn in hell, the *******.

tragic loss... not.

Hands up who gives a monkeys?

I cannot condone murder but I wont weep.

It's clearly suicide. CASE CLOSED.

Got to agree looks like suicide.

I seem to find myself more concerned with which part of my gravel drive I will polish first.

Well, from a professional perspective, and looking at the evidence...
1) found in remote woodland
2) strangled
3) covered up with panelling

yep, that is definitly suicide. CASE CLOSED

You lot are sick saying the case should should be closed. The murderer ought to be hunted down and caught.

He ought to face justice himself...

...A medal and a reward would do nicely!

I have, as you might have gathered, left one of the details out: Gordon Boon was a convicted sex offender and had been recently released on licence. Police believe it may have been a vigilante attack.

There were, it should be pointed out, a couple of comments which didn't go along with the consensus:

Its a bit of a shame the police have to investigate this, but we can't have people going around executing people, no matter if you think he deserved it or not.

Yes, just a bit of a shame. Next the killer might target a normal person rather than a nonce, and then where would we be?

Mac, your right, but if the person or persons who did this get away with it, what would they do next, murder some-one before they are convicted? It's dodgy taking the law into your own hands.

Indeed, it is dodgy. Lynch mobs are all well and good, but they can get out of control.

I don't like murder but I cannot say I feel sad for the chap. He wrecked those young girls lifes forever.

I hate to admit it but I think there might be a lot more of this going on in years to come because of our totally inadequate justice system. I think folk are starting to tire of all the injustices and I cannot say I blame them either

Quite right. The totally inadequate justice system which sentenced this man to six years in prison just isn't up to scratch. Only when when we, the people, decide who lives and dies will the injustices come to an end.

The closest we get to something approaching sympathy, if not for the man himself but for his offspring and relatives are these:

It was the Turkey that was responsible officer, I am sure.

I do however feel sorry for this mans family

How long until a paediatrician gets killed?

Answer came there none.

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I'm uncomfortable with the frequent statement that a victim's life is ruined forever, or that they will never get over it.

The intention to show sympathy may be good, but it can become a self fulfilling prophecy if you're not careful.

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