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Saturday, December 19, 2009 

Weekend links.

Straight into it this week. Paul Linford says Blair's candour is rather late, 5cc compares Richard Littlejohn to a Viz character, Dave Osler reflects on the murders of Katie Summers and Tulay Goren, Shiraz Socialist speaks to a Unite activist over the BA strike debacle, Anton Vowl has the year of the Twatter, sorry Twitter storm, the Heresiarch considers and contrasts the crimes of Munir Hussain and Memhet Goren, Next Left sees Philip Davies as a parliamentary troll, Don Paskini wonders about populist policies and Ben Goldacre has the year in nonsense.

In the papers or at least their sites, relatively slim pickings. Matthew Parris says politicians have done nothing for the average African, Marina Hyde sees Simon Cowell making Jedwards of us all, Peter Oborne ponders why Cameron isn't doing better in the polls, Andrew Grice wonders if Labour is working after all, and Howard Jacobson thinks we devalue relationships by saying "I love you".

As for worst tabloid article of the weekend, the award must go to the Sun, which has a "woe is me" interview with Munir Hussain and an editorial saying he should be released. You somehow doubt it would in any other circumstances ever believe that a prison sentence is not the right punishment for beating someone so badly they received brain damage.

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