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Friday, December 11, 2009 

Season's greetings from the UK Border Agency.

Sort of following on from yesterday's post, via OurKingdom and Jamie, this is the UK Border Agency's quite delightful Christmas card:

Nothing about locking up innocent children until their hair falls out, but perhaps that's on the back.

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I think 'owt like that would take the edge off Xmas vibe because let's not forget, hairless children are not just for Christmas but for life...

It makes you wonder how they would have treated Mary and Joseph

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Well, we know how they feel about
Santa Claus.

Should you be interested I stuck a rather flippant mickey-take of the Border Agency card here... http://www.aptg45.dsl.pipex.com/HoHoHomeOffice.pdf

Feel free to nick it if you want.

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