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Saturday, August 15, 2009 

Weekend links.

The major theme this weekend is the continuing attacks on the NHS, by both the usual suspects from the US and from these shores. Paul Linford considers it along with the Tories' attempts in general to be seen as the new progressives (lol), Nosemonkey does a cost benefit analysis of the two systems, Flying Rodent attacks Daniel Hannan in familiarly humourous fashion, Mr Eugenides offers his perspective, as does Chris Dillow, Shiraz Socialist uncovers further Tory links to NHS bashers while the Heresiarch maintains a healthy scepticism. Dave Semple discusses both Venezuela and ideology, Tom Freeman thinks Alan Duncan is half-right and Daily Quail notes the Mail's changing attitude to the NHS.

In the papers themselves, Marina Hyde says the Tories are already living down to our expectations, Janice Turner, in the Murdoch-owned Times no less, defends the NHS, Rupert Cornwell asks the US critics to cool down while Christina Patterson thinks the problem with our health service isn't funding. Matthew Parris calls for MPs to be set free, Robert Salisbury's problems with Mandelson don't just involve yachts, E Jane Dickinson recalls Oscar Wilde in reference to imprisoning children, Howard Jacobson stands up for pedants and Patrick Cockburn believes it will take a long time for Iraq to heal.

As for worst tabloid article of the weekend, for once there is no noxiously offensive piece which I've come across, mainly because Amanda Platell seems to be away. Closest is Jan Moir's rather pathetic piece on female politicians brandishing their cleavage.

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