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Wednesday, March 18, 2009 

Jenvey saga widens even further.

The Glen Jenvey saga continues to simmer nicely. It now appears that Jenvey does not just fabricate messages on Islamic forums with a view to selling the "extremist" results to the media, but also when cornered turns to smearing his foes with predictable allegations of paedophilia, his IP matching the one making comments on Thai websites with the one behind malicious edits to Wikipedia, attributed to Jenvey.

Difficult though it is get your head round, this all began with a Sun front page story which claimed Islamic extremists, in reality a couple of posters on Ummah.com suggesting sending polite letters to Jews in the wake of the Israeli assault on Gaza, were targeting the likes of Alan Sugar. Since then the PCC has begun investigating, Alan Sugar has launched legal action, the ambassador to Afghanistan has been drawn in, a Conservative MP who has worked with Jenvey has become embroiled, and now it seems likely that the police, already contacted by Jenvey himself, will now also become further involved. Almost all the credit goes to Tim Ireland for an exceptional investigation, and one which seems likely to run and run.

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On a similar theme, I notice the current issue of Private Eye has an article by Ratbiter re Muslim extremists. I note the source of the story is one David Toube, who from some brief Googling seems to be a character on the same lines as Glen Jenvey. (http://neilclark66.blogspot.com/2007/10/outing-of-david-t.html)

(IIRC I think you've blogged before about Ratbiter). These dodgy investigator types certainly seem to get around...

Sorry to post again, was in a rush before and didn't realise that David Toube is the Harry's Place guy....

It's noticeable that the Eye has a tin ear when it comes to radical Islam - attribute it to Francis Wheen, who's great friends with the Decent Left lot. It's a great shame, because as the Jenvey case points out, it's exactly the kind of thing the Eye should be doing.

Ratbiter I've always sort of assumed was either Nick Cohen or someone very like him.

Tim should seriously write this up a briefing doc, get it legally checked and circulate it to every newspaper, news organisation and senior politician. I'd put my hand in my pocket for any legal fees.

Yeah, I was going to say, Ratbiter's latest piece increases my suspicions greatly that it's either Cohen or one of the people from Harry's Place or associates, who knows, maybe even David T himself. In fairness to the Eye they did feature the Jenvey story, although Tim certainly suggested it to them.

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