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Friday, March 06, 2009 

It's not easy being green.

When it comes to protests like Leila Deen's this morning, it's difficult to know where exactly to draw the line. Undoubtedly, having any liquid substance thrown over you is unpleasant, yet unless it's something spectacularly nasty, such as the far more available urine rather than the "acid" mentioned by the likes of John Prescott, there really shouldn't be any repercussions for such rare political statements, and Peter Mandelson doesn't seem to want to take it any further. Speaking of Prescott, throwing eggs is something else, for the simple fact that a thrown egg has the potential to hurt, but again it shouldn't really result in criminal proceedings unless someone is repeatedly doing it.

In fact, if anything I'd further support the sliming of politicians, or the throwing of custard pies in some circumstances: a politician that can't take the odd act of direct action is one that really ought to get over themselves. The power they wield, especially someone unelected like Mandelson, is out of all proportion to that of the humble protester; sometimes you have to take your cause to the next level. Deen might have came out of this looking slightly infantile, and her arguments are not as convincing as she might believe, but she succeeded in getting her own personal message across.

It would also be nice if some people could digest such events without restorting to straw men, as the noble Martin Kettle just had to. The greening of Mandelson proves that we don't live in a police state, even though only those addicted to hyperbole have said we do. Sleepwalking towards one potentially, already in one no. Still, it seems to have been good timing for Kettle to say just that, as the Guardian tomorrow has an exclusive on... the police building databases on peaceful protesters.

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Maybe we do (already) live in a police state but they thought he deserved it too?

And I wonder if Leila would've walked away so easily if she'd thrown her shoes at him?

I must say my estimation of Mandy has shot up after the dignified, balanced way he handled this incident. What a contrast with Prescott.

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