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Saturday, December 20, 2008 

Weekend links.

It's nice to see that the idea that we have ever had an "independent nuclear deterrent" has finally been punctured, thanks to the very timely decision by the Ministry of Defence to offload its one-third ownership in Aldermaston to a Californian company. That'll be our independent deterrent, produced, maintained, kept and only able to be used with American permission. It's always been a joke in any event that we would ever use it unless the Americans were using theirs as well or had first, but it's still refreshing to see it confirmed.

Elsewhere, it's the mish-mash you might expect on the Saturday before Christmas. Starting with the blogs, David Semple has a look at Jon Cruddas and says if he's the future of the left we're well and truly fucked. Dave Osler has by comparison seen the past, which is a Thatcher nutcracker. Shiraz Socialist has the ten telltale signs that you're a Christian fundamentalist, the Daily (Maybe) still wants Labour to win, in difference to myself, and the Heresiarch examines Christmas myths. D-Notice and Tygerland have also posted their best of lists.

In the papers, Yeukai Taruvinga writes easily the finest piece of the weekend on the suffering of Zimbabwean asylum seekers even as we perpetually condemn Mugabe, Matthew Parris calls the prospect of a bail-out for the car industry a bung, and Andrew Grice says there's no chance of an election in 2009.

The runaway winner of the worst tabloid article of the weekend goes easily to Amanda Platell, who calls the police investigation into the murder of Rachel Nickell "one of the most incompetent ... in living memory." By the same yardstick, that must therefore make the Daily Mail one of the most incompetent newspapers in living memory, considering that up until very recently it completely believed in the guilt of Colin Stagg. Oh, and then she attacks the BBC for using film footage of Nickell after her parents requested them to stop doing so. They in fact requested the media to stop using images of her full stop - a request not heeded by the paper in yet another article on the murder in today's paper. Hypocrisy twice over - how very Daily Mail.

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