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Monday, December 15, 2008 

Scum-watch: Is the paedophile still dead?

The Sun really can't give it a rest with the open apologia for the murder of a "paedophile" (Cunningham, going by what we know about him, is probably more accurately described as an hebephile or ephebophile), today publishing the views of a former girlfriend:

AN ex-girlfriend of murdered paedophile Andrew Cunningham said yesterday: “I’m glad he’s dead.”

Annette Morris, 47, claimed Cunningham, 52, bedded their 15-year-old babysitter — then detailed it in his diary.

She said: “What he wrote was disgusting.

“It made me feel physically sick.”

Annette, who had a daughter with Cunningham, was 17 when they first met.

She said: “Even I wasn’t young enough for him. He had this obsession for 15-year-olds.”

Annette said: “The world is a better place without him.”

Err, so he met her when he was 22 - but the way the paper has phrased it is to make you imagine that this was some sick much older man preying on a innocent young teenager. It would be interesting to know when Cunningham and Morris got together, especially so we could also place when his relationship with his ex-wife broke down. Presumably this 15-year-old babysitter was the one he was convicted of having unlawful sexual intercourse with. Even considering the somewhat unique circumstances, it seems rather over-the-top for Morris to be glad that he's dead and that the world's a better place without him, which does make you wonder whether that is what she really thinks - prompted possibly by financial reimbursement, or simply exaggerated somewhat by Antonella Lazzeri.

In any event, perhaps because the "evil peados deserve to die" group has already got bored and moved on, the comments are in fact this time rather more balanced:

What a blood thirsty bunch of people.We do not have the death penalty in this country, for good reason.If the courts cannot sentence criminals to death, then no member of the public has the right to arbitrarily decide who can happily be murdered.This is so wrong an attitude.No matter who or what he was.
I am the mother of one son who was brutally attacked years ago, aged 15 at the time, and raped by a man of 42 odd who was married with 3 kids of his own.Do I want him dead? No.Incarcerated yes,and he is.

So now we've gone from 'raping a child' to having consensual sex with a 15 year old.
And still the pitchfork mob cheer the lynching on here.
What a dreadful race the Brits have become.

Am I the only one to find the attitude of people towards this brutal and horrendous murder to be barbaric. He served the sentence which was passed, whether people agree with it is neither here nor there, no one has the right to take the law into their own hands and decide to brutally murder someone

Is the the first step to the complete breakdown of law and order ?

Yes funny how the lynch mob are still thirsting even though its now "consensual sex" with a 15 yr old!

In fact, the whole idea that he was killed by a mob is also being played down. The Wandsworth Guardian reports:

Detective Chief Inspector Nick Scola said he was keeping an open mind on suspects and motives, adding that no rowdy groups were seen in the area on the night.

There had been no reports of sex offences in recent years, quashing a rumour the 52-year-old had fondled a local two-year-old.

Elsewhere, predictably the Scum is making the most of the cock-up on the weekend's Strictly Come Dancing:

YOU can’t trust the BBC to organise a dance-off in a ballroom.

Millions had their weekend viewing ruined after yet another phone-vote shambles.

This time calls and texts to decide who made the final of Strictly Come Dancing were ruled invalid after a counting cock-up.

The Beeb have already been caught conning the public on Comic Relief, Children in Need, Blue Peter and Sport Relief.

The twerps in TV Centre should have learned from these mistakes.

Viewers will rightly expect that in future they behave like Strictly contestants.

And don’t put a foot wrong.

Indeed, who could possibly make similar mistakes? Certainly not ITV, where on programmes such as Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway those who rang in had no chance of winning if they weren't lively enough or in the right area, or on Soapstar Superstar, where the viewing public were asked to vote for which participant should sing certain songs when the production crew were the ones doing the selecting, or the X Factor, with this year's winner featuring on the Sun's front page today, where in 2005 13.9% of votes in the final were received too late to be included. I'm also sure that Sky's 17.9% share in ITV, with the X Factor being by far their most successful show, as well as competing with Strictly, has absolutely no influence whatsoever on the Sun's view of the BBC performance.

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".....it seems rather over-the-top for Morris to be glad that he's dead and that the world's a better place without him,...."

Ah, you forgot - 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.'

Annette Morris omitted to tell the Scum that she left Andy Cunningham holding a 6 week old baby and HE brought her up!

And she was paid. Like the people in the pub, like the daughters, and the ex wife, by the Scum. Hell hath no fury? I dont think so. Simple as: they got paid to say what the Scum wanted to print.

Ann: thanks very much for your comments, I did notice you were one of the few that tried to argue against the baying mob. If you could possibly provide any actual proof that those who talked to the Sun were paid, difficult and not very likely I know, I'm sure that I and the rest of those who contribute to the Sun Lies site would be incredibly grateful.

I am so sorry, I wish I could provide proof. But I cannot. The daughter I know is the only one the "media" couldnt get to on account of the fact she is 15 and in care, and the only ppl who can get thru to her are ppl on her contact list. I am fortunatly one of them. She told me people were being offered up to a grand for this story. Including her family.

Why would I write this to you tho - madness? possibly after all the crap but no I dont want any payment ever for simply telling the truth.

I don't doubt your word, but I obviously can't make the kind of allegations against the Sun which I would like to when it would be just your word against theirs. Relying on just one source without backup is the kind of thing they do.

Thank you again though for your comments, the personal insight you've provided will have undoubtedly confirmed the suspicions of many.

I can only say this.

I receive no payment for my comments. My name is not given deliberatly to protect the youngest of Andys children, the one I know very dearly.
I can tell you Scum agreed not to print the actual names of the daughters of Mr Cunningham in return for their comments.

I can tell you the Ex Mrs Cunningham put all her kids thru the care system. Rather than, as is more usual, look after them. I can tell you the daughter that lived with him at the time his house was firebombed was the one I know. I can tell you that she is in care and for that reason alone I will protect her until I die.
I can tell you that he was a far more caring parent than she with her excuses will ever be. I can also say this: that those local who remember him believe not one word of the stories told by the Scum. If anything and I quote "the odd one was her".
It would be easy to say I am protecting a paedo. It would be easy to say Im lying, and frankly with a big newspaper against a single mum, I dont hold out much hope. But the fact is, I will NOT shut up, even though to protect those others chose not to protect, I will not give a name.
Unlike those who receive payment (and SCUM if you are reading I know exactly who they are). I want no payment at all. My only payment would be that some few people who read this and other comments I have left on the net, know that he wasnt what he was portrayed to be. He was trying to be a good dad when he died, but he could not get that last poor kid out of care. If nothing else ever comes from this Andy, I swear, I will protect her.

No one else will. Not even her mother. The cow.

She saw you this week Andy. You were starting to go off. But she still knew who her dad was. It hurt her badly. I will be there I PROMISE you, until the end of time.

Scabbies, you're an idiot and deleted.

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