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Sunday, October 05, 2008 

Weekend links.

On the reshuffle:

Unity - Don't write Labour off yet
Chick Yog - Party like it's 1939
Politaholic - Brown too clever by half (again)
Polly T - This 1997 tribute band is out of tune with our times
John Rentoul - Whatever this is, it isn't serious politics

On David Cameron and his abysmal speech:

Alix Mortimer - David Cameron: the rich man's Clarkson
Melissa Benn - The truth about our schools
Chris Dillow - Character and judgement

On the Jean Charles de Menezes inquest:

Charlie Pottins - "I don't think anything went wrong"

On Debbie Purdy:

Catherine Bennett - Let this woman die as she chooses, not in a death plant

On Sarah Palin:

Matthew Norman - Once you're a joke, you're doomed

On Richard Littlejohn:

Anton Vowl - You said it

And finally, Joe Kinnear on two of the tabloid's finest sports writers, with the Guardian's joy of six best outbursts for good measure.

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