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Sunday, October 12, 2008 

Weekend links and hiatus.

On the banking crisis and the related fallout:

Chick Yog - Brown, Iceland and statecraft
Matthew Parris - Gordon Brown's big tent would hide a narrow interest
Shuggy's blog - On the crisis and the left
Deborah Orr - The left's wet dream or chaotic market choice?
Lenin - Just how bad can it get and Shiraz Socialist - The (lack of) memory of the class

Gordon Brown, it turns out, is psychologically insecure. Says who? A quack psychoanalyst called Lucy Beresford, whom the BBC invited onto the Daily Politics. Bob Piper, Unity and Gimpy all get stuck in.

On the US presidential election:

Iain Dale - Why I am declaring for Obama
Michael Tomasky - The verdict on Troopergate
Matthew Norman - The peculiar tragedy of this flawed hero, John McCain

Finally, some odds and sods:
Pigdogfucker - Combative and contrarian as ever, disagrees with the Peaks over the sentence given to Luke McCormick
Iain Dale - Twelve inches save my life
Anton Vowl - Look at this bitch, on the Mail's pre-emptive strike against Denise Goldsmith
The Guardian - In praise of... the International Brigades provokes some lively debate
Catherine Bennett - So teachers must be spies, on the guidance given to teachers involving extremist students
Joan Smith - A terrorist sponger? No, a beneficiary of British fair play
Richard Ingrams - Being in the Met means never having to say sorry

And with that, I'm being dragged away until a week on Tuesday. Toodle pip!

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