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Thursday, June 12, 2008 

Breaking a habit of a lifetime.

However much you hate the Sun, you can't help but admit that this is one of the finest headlines in a long time:

Bongs away in Afghanistan

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237 tons of cannabis destroyed? And that serves what purpose exactly!? ;'-(

Cannabis is a wonderful plant with a multitude of uses, nearly all of which we lose out on because of this ridiculous and unfounded vilification of it. In a supposedly "free" society, whatever substances I choose to take into my own body is nobody's business but my own.

I don't pay taxes so that governments and the military can fight a phoney "war on drugs". The right drugs at the right moment can be incredibly beneficial to our lives and to humanity as a whole; expanding our minds, helping us view life from a different perspective, increasing bonds of friendship, making us want to care for the Earth, helping us relax and appreciate what is truly important in life: love of one another.

More getting stoned = less war!

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