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Thursday, May 29, 2008 

Scum-watch: Getting drilled.

In the old saying, just what exactly does this have to do with the price of cheese?

A DENTIST drills teeth — while his girlfriend thrills men with sex shows upstairs.

The blonde called Tiny charges £100 an hour for her exhibitions.

Yes, I realise this is the Sun, but not even this most crass of papers usually plumbs the depths of such Sunday scandal-sheet salacious shit.

The Sun investigated her seedy business after dental patients alarmed at "sex noises" contacted us.

Oh, I get it. The dentist or "Tiny" must have done something to piss off someone in the Sun chain of command. Which "dental patient" exactly was this?

Conveniently for anyone living in Watford, the Sun has happily snapped the outside of the dentist surgery, meaning that anyone who wishes to sample the delights of Tiny as the reporter did, who only excused himself after Tiny had performed her act, can quite easily follow in Alex West's footsteps.

Of course, the Sun is by no means the most hysterical of hypocrites in this case. Not only does it not run a topless lovely on its third page every day, but it also doesn't run a sordid competition every year where it encourages its readers to get naked for the wonderful prize of £5,000 and a year's modeling contract. It also doesn't encourage women on their social network to do the same, and neither does it run a page 3 idol tour, where again, the sort of display which Tiny provides is only slightly more explicit than that which it doesn't give the local leering lads.

Elsewhere, it wouldn't be another day in the life of the tabloid that never prints a bad word about MySpace if there wasn't an article about how awful Facebook is:

TEENAGE revellers trashed a Spanish mansion worth £4.4 million - after the schoolgirl host posted an open invite on Facebook.

Why anyone in this country would care is a question worth posing.

Finally, the paper is reporting the tragic case of Nisha Patel-Nasri in the only way it knows:

THE evil husband of stabbed cop Nisha Patel-Nasri plotted her murder during a day-long sex marathon with his prostitute lover, The Sun can reveal.

And the evidence for this is?

The lovers checked into the Alpine-themed Coppid Beech Hotel in Bracknell, where they romped once before.

Records show Nasri submitted the life insurance application to Legal & General at about the same time he and Mockiene watched two porn films.

Ah, conclusive proof! And just to show that there are no depths to which the paper won't sink, it's also got the "Say No to Knives" petition link on the page, which has now been signed by a massive 3,129 people. Classy doesn't begin to cover it.

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The Daily Mail has that ridiculous Spanish Facebook party story as it's main article. Helpfully, they've included some images pinched directly from her Bebo profile, including one captioned "The 16-year-old reveals her not so shy side on her facebook profile". Except that judging by her comments, she turned 16 just over 3 weeks ago which is when the party occurred (so this isn't exactly breaking news). The picture in question was added to her Bebo several months before that, making her only 15 at the very most. While the picture was initially posted on a public profile, and not exactly explicit, this is surely a breach of privacy.

"In cases involving children under 16, editors must demonstrate an exceptional public interest to over-ride the normally paramount interest of the child."

Very similar to what the Mail did here then, where they at least pixellated the girls' faces: http://www.septicisle.info/2008/04/millions-of-girls-using-facebook-bebo.html

As the girl in this case brought it upon herself, it appears that she's fair game.

Tiny (Tina) is a mate. I offered to let her work from my parlour because Victor was pimping her. She declined because she was making a lot of money. A pitty she did not get to keep some of it for herself, but Victor has expensive tastes in motorbikes and guitars.
Tina isn't a bad girl, just a very stupid one.

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