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Wednesday, April 16, 2008 

Scum-watch: Osborne takes up the challenge and the "Cameron sneeze boy" becomes a yob.

As soon as I write yesterday's purgatorial excretion on all things Sun, George Osborne takes up the Sun's challenge and writes an article for them on what he/the Tories would do. Shame that 75% is the same policies they've already decided upon which will make next to no difference or in fact make things worse, especially their promise to raise the inheritance tax threshold to the ludicrously high £1m, alongside the laughable claim that they'd reserve the 10p tax rate abolition.

Elsewhere, we have this incredibly over-the-top report on the 15-year-old who pretended to sneeze and then wiped his hand down Dave's shoulder, which I and probably the majority of the country thought amusing rather than summing all that's wrong with Broken Britain:

A TEENAGE yob was arrested for wiping SNOT on David Cameron’s back as the Tory leader made a public appearance in a town centre this afternoon.

The 15-year-old lad was given a police caution - complete with a slip which worded the reason for the caution as “Wiping snot down David Cameron’s back” - in the town centre of Hastings, East Sussex, at around 3pm.

The lad had sneezed into his hand, ran up to Cameron then stuck the mess on to the politician’s back.

Mr Cameron was doing a walkabout to rouse support for the Conservatives at the upcoming local elections.

An onlooker said: “It was unbelievably cheeky. The snot went all over Cameron’s smart black suit.”

This is only bylined currently as by a "Staff Reporter", so the error over him actually only pretending to do so might well have been on the wire, but that quote is an obvious fabrication and one of the worst examples of tabloid churnalism. Quite why the boy is fit for being labelled as a "yob" is perhaps a question for a newspaper which isn't averse to puerile, not especially funny political gestures itself, such as getting men in chicken suits or similar to follow certain individuals around, or dumping phony oil barrels outside George Galloway's house, as I recall it did a few years back.

Compared to what's in the user comments the Sun's brief story is mild:

Labour has broken British society as well as its economy.

Absolutely disgusting, the police should have charged the boy

Just another example of the seemingly endless lineup of idiotic youths.

Another classic example of the broken society caused by the Labour Government.
Utter disagraceful behaviour yet not uncommon sadly

Makes you proud to be British doesn't it.

A product of Labours single mother benefit scrounging yobbo society!

Some of them are doubtless excised further than they otherwise would have been had they known the teenager had only pretended to do so, but even so, it seems the sort of prank which politicians used or ought to be accustomed to, as Cameron himself acknowledged by regarding it as "a joy of the job". In fact, let's accentuate the positive: at least the teenager recognised who Cameron was, when by the impression some of the media give you'd be forgiven for thinking the youth of today are only fit for masturbating and breaking rocks.

This isn't the first time the Sun's overreacted to youthful exuberance: when the hooded teenager on a Manchester estate pretended to shoot Cameron with his, err, loaded fingers, it decided that he was glorifying gun crime. This latest miscreant was similarly presumably glorifying poor personal hygiene.

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