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Saturday, April 12, 2008 

Quote of the decade.

'We are pleased that the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal has agreed with our view and found that conditions in Iraq are such that an ordinary individual Iraqi civilian is not at serious risk from indiscriminate violence,' a spokesman for the Home Office said.

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I posted on this story as well. I thought I would check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website to discover the security situation in Iraq. It states:

"The security situation in Iraq remains highly dangerous".

What a shower of bastards rule this country!

I think the full statement said that Iraqi civilians are not at risk by virtue of being civilians. You might well get kidnapped, tortured, stabbed, shot, bombed, dismembered, incinerated or just-good-old-fashioned-strung-up for any number of reasons or for none, but not specifically because you're a civilian. Hence, civilians are not being persecuted and therefore they have no right of asylum.

All jolly sensible.

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