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Thursday, February 14, 2008 

Nepotism? On a newspaper blog?

Max Gogarty, 19, is going on his gap year. Luckily for Max, he's been given the privilege of writing a blog on it for the Grauniad travel site while he jets around the planet getting drunk and chilling the fuck out. Sadly for Max and the Grauniad, within 2 hours of the blog being posted it's discovered that Max is the sprog of Paul Gogarty, who although not employed by the Graun, has written for the paper's err, travel section. Gogarty had even previously treated his offspring to the delights of Thaliand, and had written about it... for the Graun.

Mayhem and comedy ensues.

(via Bloggerheads.)

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This guy reminds me of the fuckwit in New Orleans' French Quarter that wrote an article about toughing it out post-Hurricane Katrina, keeping his beer cool in the pool and everything, while bodies were still floating in the streets and refugees were kept from crossing the bridges at gunpoint. Maxie is willing to brave the terrors of the dark subcontinent in hopes of getting some dusky Hindoo maiden to give it up for him. A cheap holiday in other people's misery, indeed.

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