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Tuesday, February 19, 2008 

The ghastly party.

Strange how things work out, isn't it? Yesterday Nadine Dorries wrote this delightful passage about our dear leader:

It is becoming scarier and scarier sitting so close to Gordon Brown. The fixed maniac-esque grin on his face is so un-natural and frankly his pallor was a really odd shade today.

I really would pull my children close to me if they were sat on the green benches. I have to resist the urge to lean over, and whisper into George’s ear “take care, don’t get too close now”; and I am ready to pounce and pull George back over the seats, should Gordon Brown lose control and come flying across the dispatch box, to try and eat him or something.

It seems she really didn't pull her children close enough, as this occurred shortly afterwards:

Today I was awoken by a policeman.

One moment I was in a warm, dark bed, tucked up in my dreams; next there were sirens screaming in my ears as background music to a man with an amazingly calm voice, telling me that my world may be about to tip upside down.

My daughter had in fact been upside down in a wrecked car, and was trapped in the foetal position, still in her seat belt.

Dorries' daughter is thankfully almost completely unharmed. I can't say I'm a believer in karma or fate, but the more superstituous amongst us might think of it as a warning.

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The police came to get her with sirens blazing? When there would undoubtably be paramedics at the scene would've said her daughter wasn't about to croak?

Whent that happened to me, my folks got a phone call and had to get themselves down the hospital.

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