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Sunday, December 23, 2007 

British sex for British people!

Unbelievably vile cliches and prejudices from the News of the Screws, via PP and Parbury:

A GIRLFRIEND set to marry her fiancé flushed her relationship down the drain when she started having sex with their Polish plumber.

Besotted Lindsey Goodman, 26, has now left Philip Martin and moved in with new love Adam Stojak.

Randy Stojak—one of the millions of East Europeans over here accused of taking British jobs—admitted he had no qualms about stealing our women too.

Perhaps Gordon Brown/the BNP can take up the News of the Screws's clarion call and start demanding British sex for British people.

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Please tell me you're joking here. A national newspaper - poo sheet though it is - has actually spun the 'take our jobs and our women' line?

God, these papers are vile.

I think the News of the World ceased being a newspaper and turned into the printed equivalent of a
neanderthal grunting "Tits. Sex. Football" long ago.

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