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Tuesday, September 25, 2007 

Brass Eye moment.

Chris Morris would approve. The Telegraph notes that the same gallery currently holding an exhibition of Nan Goldin's work, from which a supposedly explicit photograph has been seized lest any aspiring paedophiles see it and thus aroused decide to rape a passing child, contains the following:

The Liverpool-born artist's has pictures of a naked woman whose head is replaced by household objects in the images.

Which is something of a reprise of Morris' breaking "works of art" in half during the Brass Eye special and combining different photographs in an attempt to produce something the expert would declare "obscene". Mr Eugenides plays on another riff from the show over the revelation that paedophiles have different brains to the rest of us.

Speaking of which, the Sun is currently holding an essential discussion on the difficulties of dealing with paedophiles: summarised nicely as "help them or hang them?". Would it be glib or a straw man to mention that the BNP's 2005 manifesto advocated bringing back the death penalty for paedophiles?

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