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Monday, July 16, 2007 

The Express tells yet more lies shocker.

Just how much bullshit can you fit on one front page? The Sun's fit of pique over the "Afghan terrorists" previously held this highly prestigious prize, but today's Express certainly makes a stab at claiming its crown.

Firstly, I can't do much better than quote Paul on Mail Watch on the Brown's coming to nick all our money again story:

Paul Says:
July 16th, 2007 at 3:44 pm

“Stepen Pound MP reviewing it on Sky said he had never read such a loads of lies masquerading as a headline in any paper before.”

He should read the Express more often.

Well, quite. Especially seeing as the other two stories, apart from the one about Cameron Diaz which I have no interest in checking are just as falsehood-filled. The "scandal" about the amnesty is, err, that the Express is trying to mislead its reader(s) into thinking that there's going to be one. The call for such an amnesty was made by the Institute of Public Policy Research think tank, and has been previously rejected by the government.

The other amazing story is that according to the Express the search for Madeleine McCann will reach a "critical" stage this week. Could this latest expected breakthrough possibly be related to the previous expected breakthrough which the Express splashed on its front page last Monday?

POLICE leading the Madeleine McCann investigation expect a major breakthrough this week in the hunt for her kidnappers.

Over the last couple of years the Express has almost as regularly as clockwork had Diana on the front page on a Monday, usually in a further spurious story either concerning some new conspiracy theory or suggesting that the original investigation was in some way flawed. Even a newspaper as shameless as the Express can't live forever on Diana alone though; hence the take-up of another blonde which it can pretend to care about in a desperate attempt to try and shore up its sales. In the latest ABCs the Express was shown to have continued to hemorrhage sales, down to 770,403, a massive drop of around 70,000 on the previous year. It'd be nice to think that this was because of the increasingly right-wing, belligerent, intolerant, at times openly racist stance that it's taken, but it's more likely simply to be because it's become a far, far inferior product to of all things, the Daily Mail.

While Richard Desmond, owner of Northern & Shell, which publishes the Express and Star, took a pay-cut after paying himself a staggering £52 million in 2004, he still earned £27.3 million in 2005, while starving his newspapers of funding, slashing staff numbers then expecting them to produce the same quality as previously. When Desmond bought the Express and Star, helped by a £100,000 donation to the Labour party, it was alleged that he was going to be an asset-stripper, and while it's taken a few years for his plans for the newspapers to develop fully, it's clear that's exactly what he is. It's difficult to be a more loathsome creature than Rupert Murdoch, but Desmond manages it with ease.

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