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Thursday, June 14, 2007 

And now for something completely different...

Let it never be said that the Sun doesn't sometimes do good deeds. After being contacted by the Scum, the housing association People 1st in Slough has discarded its deeply racist 'whites only' policy it had imposed on a tower block because of perceived 'racial tensions', allowing a mum with mixed race children the opportunity to move in. Perhaps more interesting is that the article is by a certain Julie Moult - one of the Sun hacks responsible for last year's "Windsor Muslim yobs" abortion, who never got around to responding to Unity about the numerous inaccuracies in the report. Is this possibly her way of making amends? I very much doubt it, but it'd be nice to think so.

Elsewhere in the Scum, the front page article, claiming that
Rekha Kumari-Baker killed her two teenage daughters because of their behaviour, is almost entirely based on the fact that hacks' quickly found their Bebo (I'm not expert on social networking sites, but Bebo seems most popular amongst kids under 16) profiles which unsurprisingly detail some of their rather typical teenage antics, all of which seems rather at odds with neighbours' statements that the family was quiet and that they mostly kept themselves to themselves. It underlines that it's not the greatest idea to go into a complete breakdown of your life on social networking sites - the first thing that hacks do now is search Friends Reunited, MurdochSpace, Facebook, Bebo etc etc whenever someone is either killed, injured or arrested for a fairly serious crime, looking for anything even slightly salacious which they can use to spice up an otherwise tedious article. In this case, the Scum has had a field day - and it's hard not to find it somewhat ghoulish and insensitive in the way it's presented such personal details before the mother has even been charged in connection with their deaths.

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