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Tuesday, May 08, 2007 

Emotional pornography continued.

It’s easy to criticise from afar, but their failure to act more promptly and efficiently is deplorable.

So the Sun informs us, in a sentence from its leader which sums up the whole hypocrisy of the newspaper in one easy line.

Not content with reprinting the mother's statement yesterday on the front page of the newspaper, as did the Daily Mail, when there's absolutely nothing that anyone here can do about the whole situation, Scum Online has now opened up a sort of guestbook of woe, where you can add your faux concern about the disappearance of the McCann's daughter, which is somehow meant to be giving them support, entitled "write a message for Maddie". Three footballers, for reasons similarly known only to themselves and possibly for good PR, have also appealed for anyone with information to come forward, as if being urged to do so by the PFA player of the year will make the difference to someone who otherwise wouldn't have done.

Unless the police get their act together, Madeleine’s traumatised parents may be condemned to spending the rest of their days wondering if their lovely daughter is dead.

Or living her own nightmare in the hands of inhuman monsters.

The Sun seems to have got it mixed up. Madeleine's traumatised parents already seem to be living their own nightmare in the hands of inhuman monsters. They're called the media, and they're more than extracting their pound of flesh.

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To be fair, large numbers of the edition probably reached Brit ex-pats and holidaymakers on the continent. I bet the British all over Europe have got their eyes peeled.

From the parents point of view, doing a deal with the devil was probably worth it in this instance. They're having to drive their own PR campaign - why not let yourself be co-opted by Britain's biggest-selling newspaper if there's even a slim chance it might get your daughter back?

Good points, but the reaction on the whole in the media has not been exactly helpful or in some cases completely tasteless. Take the front pages of the Mail and Express today, both showing the mother crying. What good is that doing other than intruding on someone's worst nightmare?

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