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Thursday, April 05, 2007 

Comment moderation.

Is on while some old friends of mine remind me why we long went our separate ways.


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5/4 neva4got freedom of speech

You're more than welcome to comment, as long as it's constructive, and doesn't include my name. You're also fully allowed to make fun of me, but just spamming as Chris has, and making idle threats including my name is taking it too far.

We will all threaten your name!

And just who are you Chris? I have no recollection of you at all.

Why are you ashamed of your name?

How typical for the liberal media to champion freedom of speech as long as it works in their favor! But as soon as the tables are turned and push comes to shove, the left-wing ideologues quickly realize that they're no different from the rest of us, and that their faux righteousness extends only as far as their own twisted reasoning!

I'm not. I just don't use it here, and would prefer if you didn't either. A better question would be why are you doing this?

Doing what?
We have joined the blogoship.

I meant more along the lines of stalking me years after I've had any contact with any of you whatsoever.

It just makes you look petty and obsessive, forever beating the same dead horses.

Well, if you put it this way, all I've said was "I'm just an old friend saying hello". And that was enough to get my comment removed.

If you took this with any sort of humor or dignity, without the usual petty internet paranoia and rapid deletion/moderation, I wouldn't have bothered to come back for a third time.

But some things never change. Don't worry though, I don't plan on staying for too long.

The only posts of yours I've removed are ones that either used my name or were spam. I actually thought your parody was somewhat amusing, as I mentioned.

Sadly, I think the only thing that hasn't changed is you guys.

Well, there's more to come. Just wait till you read my report about the fake imperialist moon landings.

Good luck with that.

Stalking is such a dirty word.
We just came to say hi.

Do you really read the sun every day?

Obviously, your intentions were purer than pure.

And no, I don't, I only browse their website.

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