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Tuesday, March 06, 2007 

That navel-gazing news in full...

Late on Sunday night, semi-popular Labour blogger Recess Monkey receives a text message informing him that Margaret Thatcher has died. He posts on it and goes to bed.

He wakes up, and finds out that he's been hoaxed. And Tory supporters have been going ballistic in the comments, for reasons known only to themselves. As someone in the comments mentions:

Says the man looking for news on a blog rather than a respected international news service.

Praguetory, who previously made as much as possible out of Unity's blacked-up image of David Cameron, which was reposted on Bob Piper's blog, noticed that Thatcher's photograph was tagged with "Milk Snatcher". This crime against the dignity of the noble Margaret Thatcher, who would never have dreamed of depriving school-children of their free milk, was enough for said Praguetory to call Recess Monkey a "despicable piece of shit".

Either way, Recess then apologised for his mistake, but also made some mild comments about how some are going to view Thatcher's legacy when she does actually pop her clogs, rather well summed up by Mr Eugenides as being graceless, but Unity also identified how Thatcher is loathed. Again, nothing particularly controversial. Then again, this is the "blogosphere".

Which, in turn, led to this beloved member of the "blogosphere" writing Recess's obituary. I'm not much of a fan of swear blogging, although it most certainly has its place and when used against a particularly vapid comment piece it can be incredibly effective. Eshotgun's post however just tends to show someone with a vocabulary that hasn't far expanded past the school playground.

Oh, and now Praguetory has "outed" Unity, taking the bait. Expect the sparks to continue to fly.


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Since I've been blogging Labour has been falling apart. Your biased words are utterly meaningless.

Well, I'm sure that Labour's downfall and your rise in the blogosphere are inextricably linked.

Oh, and I see you didn't let my second comment through on your blog, about how Unity has never been specific about where he lives, while you made clear your identity on a public forum, but hey ho.

I didn't get a second comment through from you and there are a million times Unity has said he is from Sandwell - go through his archives.

If by millions of times you mean one reference that he lives in Sandwell "http://www.ministryoftruth.org.uk/index.php?s=Sandwell"
and on around three occasions that he lives in Smethwick (http://www.ministryoftruth.org.uk/index.php?s=Smethwick)
then you'd be right. Only two of those references are recent, the others coming from back in 2005.

It was mentioned in the BBC article. Also, he's frequently alluding to his home area on other sites. Ok, millions is hyperbole, but you don't need to be Einstein to figure it out.

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