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Tuesday, August 15, 2006 

Sun-watch: Dirty Harry. Again.

Apparently unable to make up/get another exclusive leak about the terror plot, today's Sun splashes on a photograph of Prince Harry groping and kissing a gorgeous pouting young blonde.

Firstly, the subs at the paper are obviously suffering from silly season fatigue. The Sun led back in April with the story that Harry had visited a lap-dancing club with the very same headline. Secondly, the photographs are, err, three years old, and have been published without the permission of the young woman, Natalie Pinkham. The Scum's claims that Harry was cheating on his girlfriend are therefore complete and utter bullshit.

As with its calling Harry "dirty" for his visit to the lap dancing club, could this be the same newspaper that today has Keeley without any clothes on her top half on its third page? Oh, and then there's the pictures of Alex Best groping herself that are also in today's newspaper, although rather than being dirty, she's doing "her breast". Obsolete attempted to contact Rebekah Filth to try and get her comments, but she was out of the office looking for a new kettle, after the old one had been painted black by the pot.

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