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Friday, July 07, 2006 

Express-watch: Diana Excess.

Every UK newspaper today features the anniversary of 7/7 on its front page. Well, except for one. Which newspaper do you think it is? The Daily Star, with its Big Brother fixation would be the most likely answer in a straw poll.

Well, it's actually the Star's sister paper (the Star's main splash is Big Brother, but 7/7 is mentioned), that bastion that stands for real values and real value for money. Rather than stand up for real values and remember those who lost their lives a year ago today, it's instead polishing its rod once again. Yep, Diana is back on the menu.
Apparently the photos shot by paparazzi of Diana lying unconcious in the back of the car, close to death, are to be printed in a new book. As we know, the Express, along with other tabloid papers at the time made a solemn promise never to buy snatched shots again. All of them broke that promise within weeks, if not days. On a day when many are going to be remembering dead loved ones, the Express seeks to bring up the past and focus on a dead celebrity, rather than real, ordinary people who died going about their daily routine. There's only one reply that's suitable to describe Peter "Mentally" Hill, Richard Desmond and the others on the Express today: you cunts.

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