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Thursday, April 13, 2006 

Self-obsessed lefties pontificate while Iraq burns.

Congratulations then to the humourless navel-gazing leftists who've put out the "Euston manifesto" (introduced here, actual manifesto is here, but Obsolete doesn't recommend reading it, unless you need a sleeping aid.). Come up with in a pub, it glosses over the fact that most of the group got it horrendously wrong over Iraq, states half a dozen principles which even the Tories and maybe UKIP wouldn't disagree with, then comes up with a number of contradictions, including mentioning how evil holocaust deniers are, then in the next sentence it talks about complete freedom of ideas. Presumably that also doesn't include the ideas of the Islamist groupings that make up some of the Stop the War coalition which they are so opposed to.

A completely pointless exercise in self-promotion, Euston should be known as useless. (Both John Kampfner and Daniel Davies provide ripostes.) The left needs to be a broad movement, not to divide and rule itself. That is when the right takes advantage, just as it did in the 80s. Thanks to Euston, we're yet another step closer towards history repeating itself. Oh, and there's the fact that hundreds of Iraqis are still being killed every week, but let's just try to forget about that.

Update: Fisking Central has some more ripostes towards it, although it has to be said many of the contributors to that site also seem very self-righteous, especially the way they're going after Lenin's Tomb.

Oh, and here's by the far the finest response that you'll read to Euston.

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Just 'a bit' self-righteous? We are very self-righteous - it is one of our many failings, but we're working on it. Anyway, despite the fact that Lenin is even more self-righteous than we are, we've laid off him for a while (it gets dull). We welcome any contributions, so if you see an article that needs Fisked, or a well-written Fisk we can link to, do send it to us. Would be nice to get a different perspective once in a while...

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