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Wednesday, April 05, 2006 

Lenin's Tomb publishes photos of Mahzer Mahmood.

They have more balls than I do, and good on them. According to the comments, the Morning Star also published his photo, which is even more worthy of praise.

Update: Fake Sheikh homepage seems to have been yanked. Try here instead.

Let's see what 4pm brings.

Update 2: From Media Grauniad:
3.45pm: The News of the World's injunction preventing publication of pictures of fake sheikh Mazher Mahmood has been extended by one hour until 5pm while a high court hearing continues ...

Update 3: Recess Monkey was also gagged by the injunction. Bloggerheads and Guido have now published Mahmood's picture.

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The High Court can't stop me. I am in India and so is my blog: http://www.duniya.in/2006/04/british-censorship-i-will-now-break.html

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