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Tuesday, January 10, 2006 

Afghanistan: Liberated from Islamic tyranny.

Amputation of hands and stoning to death will continue to be the punishment for thieves and adulterers in post-Taliban Afghanistan, country’s new Chief Justice Fazal Hadi Shinwari was reported today as saying.

Mr Justice Shinwari told the Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) that the head of the post-Taliban interim government, Mr Hamid Karzai, had informed him that the Islamic laws were to remain in force in Afghanistan.

“Afghanistan is an Islamic country. The United Nations has recognised Afghanistan as an Islamic country and the head of Afghanistan’s new government has given the assurance that decisions would be made according to Islamic Sharia,’’ AIP quoted Mr Justice Shinwari as saying.

“On this basis, all three levels (district, provincial and Supreme Court) of Afghanistan’s judiciary will implement Hudood (Islamic laws) after guilt is 100 per cent proven,’’ the cleric said.

“I have been told clearly by Mr Hamid Karzai that Afghanistan’s Islamic image in the world must be maintained,’’ AIP quoted Mr Justice Shinwari as saying in an interview yesterday.

Mr Justice Shinwari said all cases would be decided in accordance with Islamic laws.

For instance, adulterers would be stoned to death when either of them or both were married. A murderer would have to pay blood money, or be executed in the manner in which the murder victim was killed, depending on the wishes of the victim’s relatives, he said.

“A thief’s hand would be cut off, and alcoholics and others would be punished under Islamic laws, but the condition would be that their crime is proved,’’ he said.

Afghanistan’s ousted Taliban regime had been sharply criticised around the world for prescribing the same punishments under its interpretation of Islam. DPA

One of the major reasons why the US/UK went into Afghanistan, apart from removing the al-Qaida training camps, was to overthrow the women-hating, intolerant fascists who professed to be ruling under Islamic law. Now we have, err, intolerant fascists ruling under Islamic law. When women in Nigeria were going to be stoned to death for adultery, there was a worldwide outpouring of condemnation and outrage. Now the US and Britain have installed a puppet government which has little power outside Kabul, has many of the same people who were in power under the Taliban and is imposing the same laws as the Taliban. The only major difference is that while the Taliban originally almost eradicated the opium crop, the remnants of the regime now seem to be using it to raise funds to attack the remaining coalition troops that are in the country. Think Iraq is the only foreign policy disaster? Think again.

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