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Friday, October 14, 2005 

Thatcher at 80: still a bitch.

Born as I was in the 80s, I am one of Thatcher's children, even though I resent it. I should be selfish, and believe that there is no such thing as society. When it comes to one's 80th birthday party however, I'd like that to think that I wouldn't still be holding grudges from my better years. Unsurprisingly, Thatcher still is.

The list of those who attended her 80th celebration are a who's who of distasteful figures or dastardly people. The guests included: The Queen and Prince Philip, the reminder of the few remaining elements of medieval Britain. The Blairs, with Tony possibly the only Labour politician who would ever be invited or ever think of actually attending, apart from Frank Field. Jeremy Clarkson, a loud mouth idiot who disbelieves global warming and thinks it's ok to destroy moors with 4x4s. Joan Collins, a woman who supports the UK Independence party's lies and blatant bigotry. Jim Davidson, possibly the worst comedian in Britain. Charles Moore of the Daily Telegraph, who was editor during the debacle of the George Galloway smear and who revels in hunting with dogs. Rupert Murdoch, the less said about the better. John Redwood and Norman Tebbit, for which that also applies. Enoch "rivers of blood" Powell's wife was also in attendance.

She didn't see fit to invite Michael Heseltine, who she constantly schemed against as he shared Ken Clarke's pro-Europeanism. Ken also wasn't invited. Neither did Geoffrey Howe have the chance to RSVP, as his betrayal with his resignation speech led to her downfall. David Cameron didn't receive an envelope either, although he has the excuse of not knowing her, which instantly boosts him in my eyes.

What did Thatcher leave us with? A broken, humiliated and down-trodden society. While John Major's years will now be remembered for sleaze and for Black Wednesday, it was during his time in office that Britain began to rise again, down to him or not. The gloom didn't really hit again until the turn of the century and we started to realise what Blair stood for, or err, didn't. Still as many have pointed out, at least Thatcher knew what she wanted. Blair instead is craven to the tabloids, and makes policy on the back of the latest wheeze, focus group or panic. Thatcher also had an opposition, even if they also couldn't win elections. It almost makes you nostalgic, until you remember the 80s in more detail. If you ignore politics, it's impossible not to conclude that life is immeasurably better in 2005. Thatcher is a relic, and thankfully her influence is finally starting to ebb away.

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