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Monday, December 12, 2011 

A very small carrot.

The Leveson inquiry today gave in to the age old Mazher Mahmood myth. Even though he has never presented an ounce of evidence that his life is in danger, an argument which was swiftly rejected when he sought an injunction to stop George Galloway from spreading the ancient photographs of himself, only his voice rather than his holy visage was today broadcast over the stream.

This is doubly helpful as it means we can't additionally judge his testimony through his body language, such as when he comes out with old time favourites like how his work has resulted in "261 convictions". The farrago of bullshit then duly commenced: he had never engaged in entrapment, even when a number of judges have come to the exact opposite conclusion, he had never worked with private investigators, he had never heard of phone hacking, and he had never "dangled huge carrots" in the form of rewards for breaking the law. Something else that dangles, in Mahmood's case alongside a very small carrot, is what his evidence can be summarised as: bollocks.

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