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Wednesday, November 04, 2009 

Verbal pogroms, or the continuing jihad of Melanie Phillips part two.

Yesterday I hypothesised that Melanie Phillips has become so entrenched in her "Israel First" ideology that she could no longer separate her own persona from that nation as a whole (which was cross-posted over on Lib Con). Attacking her views was, as she wrote, a "verbal pogrom", the equivalent of actually perpetuating violence against her.

Thanks then to Flying Rodent, who brings my attention to this piece from yesterday, making clear I couldn't have been more wrong. Writing this time on the timidity of Britain's leading Jews, who are standing by while "Israel [is thrown] even more brazenly under the bus", Mel uses the exact same term for the second time in as many days:

However, I fear that his hope that British Jews get rid of these leaders and replace them by individuals who are prepared to mount a proper defence of Israel in the face of this verbal pogrom is tragically unrealisable.

Attacking Phillips herself then is a verbal pogrom, and being critical of Israel is also a verbal pogrom. I really wish I was making this up.

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What's even funnier is all the nutjob comments below comparing the Board of Deputies to kapos in the concentration camps. Yes, the Board of Jewish Deputies, that well-known body of Israel-hating dhimmis... You know, I could have sworn that they organised a pro-IDF rally during the Gaza bombardment, but I must have imagined it.

Given that she's now using the phrase "verbal progrom" to describe both criticism of herself and of Israel on equal terms, will she be taking the next step of accusing her personal critics of anti-semitism?

WOW! That is a lot of pogroms flying around...

Melanie Phillips is about as objective a commentator as Osama Bin Laden.

I remember after the Gaza war she had a column in the Spectator in which she and her fans argued that
claims of Israeli war crimes had been "disproven" because the Israeli military had carried out its own investigation of itself and said it was all lies.

I wonder if she'd accept that in court from someone accused of a crime "I carried out my own investigation m'Lord and it turns out i never done nothing and you ain't got nothing on me."

She also came up with the claim that if you couldnt name the person responsible and the exact time and date of each offence then there was no proof - strangely a standard of proof that she doesnt require for Hezbollah rockets fired into Israel.

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