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Friday, January 26, 2007 

News of the Screws screwer set to meet screws.

So, farewell then to Clive Goodman for four months at least. The News of the Screws' piss-poor royal editor has been sent down for intercepting messages on the phones of the royal family, while his private investigator co-conspirator Glenn Mulcaire has been sentenced to six months.

That Goodman has been sent down for accessing such banal information that not even the average News of the Screws reader would care about says much about the tabloids in the age of the internet. The scramble to get any tidbit of celebrity gossip has become so fierce as a result of the dedicated celebrity weeklies and websites such as Popbitch that the methods of journalists are increasingly entering the realm of the illegal, as the log books of a private investigator showed. As a result, they are bringing the whole profession into disrepute with their tactics.

One can only hope that Mazher Mahmood is the next one to feel the long arm of Inspector Knacker. Oh, and it'll be interesting to see if the Scum covers Goodman's sentence tomorrow.

Update: The Scum's website is reporting it, but we'll see if it actually appears in tomorrow's paper.

Update 2: Coulson's gone. Did he jump or was he pushed by Murdoch?

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Did you see how the Scum solicited opinions on their "Have Your Say" forum under the report?

Should Clive Goodman be in jail when paedophiles are walking the streets?

Dear oh dear.

I suspect that might be the slant for any article on this in tomorrow's "newspaper".

Just about to see if I can register for their forum and see what people are saying. If I'm not back by dawn...

To be serious for half a second, Goodman does as the judge said as a deterrent to others. Paedophiles, however, know full well how they'll be dealt with. My own thoughts of which are in the latest post. But yeah, typical News International way to spin it.

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