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Wednesday, June 07, 2006 

Sun-watch: Yes, even more Lady Mucca.

The Sun is certainly nothing if not consistent. For the third day visitors to the website are being treated to yet more photographs of Heather Mills in very few clothes. But what's this? Could it be that the Sun is putting words and deeds into the mouth of the man who is with Mills in the photos, or even shock horror, appealing to him to come forward so he can earn a nice wad for starring in some mucky book?

LADY Mucca’s partner in porn is set to tell the world they had passionate sex over and over again after the cameras stopped clicking.

The curly-haired male model is hoping to bag thousands of pounds by selling his story of how he did it for real with Heather Mills.

His move will heap yet more shame on Sir Paul McCartney’s estranged wife — mother of his two-year-old daughter Beatrice.

Yet at the end of the article the Sun asks:
DO you know the man in the pictures with Heather?

and separately online:
DO you know the man who stars in the sex book with Heather Mills?

We revealed exclusively on Monday that she posed for the hardcore porn book in 1988.

Many of the pics were too explicit to print.

We want to hear from you if you know the male model who is her co-star.

Call our newsdesk on 0207 782 4104 or email talkback@the-sun.co.uk.

Don't worry about the cost, we'll call you straight back.

Accuse me of being cynical, but could it be that the Sun wants to pay the man a large amount of money to tell them that everything they've accused Heather of is true, and that they had sex after the actual shoot? That would surely mean that the Sun is making up the news, not reporting on it.

Speaking of making up the news, something else in the Sun's article makes me wonder about the impartiality and truth of their supposed asking people on the street whether they thought the book was pornographic. One of those asked is:
Journalist Ruth Lumley, 26, of Brighton, said: “Blimey, I’ve never come across a ‘sex education’ book that has whipped cream in it.”

You might remember the name Ruth Lumley, but not what for. She was the journalist who replied to a piece of graffiti on a train asking young girls to text a number for sex. Her investigation resulted in four men being jailed. Rather a coincidence that such a journalist would be wandering around the streets of Brighton and just happen to bump in to a Sun lackey, isn't it? Makes you wonder whether catering worker Madeline Johnson, facilities manager John Bertram, printer Andrew Love and engineer Stuart Lye might just happen to be News International employees, doesn't it? Apparently no one who they "approached" agreed that it was sexually educating, as there are no such sentiments expressed in the Sun's article. Funny that.

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I've just seen your comment about me. I am thr journalist who caught the paedophiles and after that I was asked by the News of the World to go in for a chat.
On my way out I was approached by two Sun journalists. They had no idea who I was, they gave me the Heather Mills book and that was one of the comments I gave. No set up, just pot luck and genuine. Had I not been involved in the paedophile case I may not have been there but I would have said the same thing had I been shown elsewhere.

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